Bloganuary #14

Write about a challenge you faced and overcame.

I actually wanted to skip this one. Over the years, I wrote so much about myself and my struggles and challenges that I am tired of the topic. And you are probably too. I don’t know. Does it matter? I mean, it’s depressing and not uplifting.

There was a time when I wrote all this stuff to get a reaction. I wanted people to care and maybe I even wanted some pity or praise. I did not do it on purpose, but in hindsight, even if I didn’t do it consciously, I did it.

My life has been paved with challenges. From being emotionally and mentally abused as a child, to depression and ADHD as an adult, I faced many challenges.

Often, every new day is a challenge. Getting up. Taking a shower. Going to work. Doing laundry. Preparing dinner. Talking. Sleeping. Breathing. Existing. Being. Those things are challenging every day. And I overcome them almost every day too. Almost.

But you know what? Many people feel that way. There is never anything new under this sun. And even though emotions might be new to us, they have been felt by other people before.

None of us is special. Every one of us is special. None of us is unique. Every one of us is unique.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how big or small the challenges are that you are dealing with; the only thing that matters is that you face them, and try your best to come out on the other side with as least damage as possible.

Be kind

Be gentle.

Felix Räuber – burning sky

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