Bloganuary #10

What are 5 things you’re grateful for today?

  1. Communication and my language skills. It is 1 pm where I am and already, I spoke French with the mailman, German with a co-worker (on my day off!), English with my closest friend, and Luxembourgish with my kids. Obviously, I need these 4 languages daily, but I am well aware that not everyone has access to learn or use foreign languages. That said, here in Luxembourg, being fluent in at least 2 or 3 is standard.
  2. Quiet me-time. Oh, that sounds selfish and ungrateful. But I worked a lot these last weeks, without any real time to recover. Today is the first time in weeks that I am on my own, without any plans. As it is, I am still in bed, and I am very happy about that.
  3. Today, I am grateful for yesterday’s smiles and yesterday’s memories
  4. Creativity. My head is buzzing with ideas to write new stuff. I am not sure if I can put it on paper (or a screen), but the ideas are definitely there.
  5. Music – that’s a no-brainer. Always, always grateful for music and musicians.
Kate Bush – the man with the child in his eyes. 💜

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