Bloganuary #9

What do people incorrectly assume about you?

At work and in my private life, people tend to assume that I am relaxed and unfazed. As if nothing could disturb my calm or patience. Yes, I have been told that I exude calm and confidence.

If they only knew that I need to choose every word I say carefully and that inside, I am a bundle of nervous energy. I doubt myself all the time and I overthink everything I say or do or will say or do in the future.

But, those doubts also make me great at work. I am rigorous and thorough. I don’t leave messes for others to clean up and assume my responsibilities. All that, but calm, patient, and relaxed, I am not.

Edited to add something else people wrongly assume about me:

Apparently, I come across as distant here on the blog, like someone who does not want to engage. That’s wrong. I love interacting. If you take a chance to comment, I will reply. Hehe

10 Replies to “Bloganuary #9”

  1. Oh goodness I feel this deeply! I over think so much and even in texting or whatever I legit will write and rewrite texts because I want to make sure I say something exactly. When I communicate with people face to face I sometimes find that I get all jumbled up because I can’t think slowly about what I want to say

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  2. Who in the world thinks you come across as distant on your blog? That’s not at all what I perceive about you.

    I wish I could exude calm and confidence. Like you, I’m a bundle of anxiety and overthinking, except that I exude those emotions all the time.

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    1. I have been told a couple of times that people are reluctant to comment because of the way I appear and also because of the lack of comments. It looks as if I don’t care. I do though. A lot.

      If I knew how and why I appear calm and confident, I would share my secret – but I really don’t.

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