Bloganuary #4

What was your favorite toy as a child?

I was not a spoilt child and did not have many toys, but my favourite was a Barbie. A brown-haired barbie that I called Laken. I don’t know why I chose that name, possibly because I heard it on TV or such something. It is the only toy I remember ever receiving from my dad. I still own it today. But, I also loved my Game Boy. I did not have many games, but that was not important. Tetris and Super Mario were my favourites, but I also owned Batman, Duck Tales, Tennis, even a game about the Simpsons. Those were the times. Simple. All we had to care about was the stock of batteries at home. And while I played with my Barbie doll or my Game Boy, alone in my room, music was playing. There was always music in my ears.

9 Replies to “Bloganuary #4”

        1. Who are we kidding?! Barbies are the most important toy a girl can have. So important and precious that I was never allowed to play with one of my sister’s original blonde Barbies and she was not allowed to touch mine. Hahaha


          1. LOL my brother got a pocket knife for Christmas one year and I had one of those Barbies where the knees and elbows were moveable? Anyway, he wanted to know how they worked so he he cut away the plastic and then cut off her hair and shaved off her boobs….

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