Bloganuary #3

Write about the last time you left your comfort zone.

My comfort zone is not often challenged. In fact, I try to stay in my safe zone as much as possible. No, by far, I am not an adventurer.

But, in my job, I am forced to step out of this precious comfort zone a lot. It starts with spontaneous meetings and appointments and ends with visits at various doctor’s offices or administrations. You see, for me these things need planning. I need to know where I can park my car, how the building looks, waiting times… I need to feel as if I can control these situations. Alas, often when I get to work after two days off, I am greeted with an: “you are going to this appointment this morning.” And I always grin, shrug and agree. What else is there to do?! Inwardly though, I am panicking. Most often, shortly after such an announcement, I excuse myself to hide in the bathroom, where I Google everything in a hurry.

So there you have it, being spontaneous and looking as if I am in charge is a challenge for me and makes me leave my comfort zone time and time again.

But with the right song, every challenge turns out to be manageable.

Zoe Wees – Control

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