Bloganuary #2

What is a road trip you would love to take?

I am not much of a traveller and I don’t have any dream destinations waiting on a list. But, a road trip I could imagine taking would be from my native Luxembourg through Germany and Denmark; taking a ferry and exploring Finland, Sweden and Norway for a couple of weeks. Yes, I think I would love seeing those countries, their cities but also the nature and wild life. Of course, I would not go alone; I would be accompanied by good music and good people.

Madrugada – Ecstasy

7 Replies to “Bloganuary #2”

  1. Oh man, a trip I would love to take… Dang, I’m torn between New Zealand and Ireland. Though, I want to go to Ireland so badly this year to study abroad a couple weeks, but I turned it down because of the COVID spikes in the region. What a pain, though there’s always time for it in the next few years when everything calms down. Who knows.

    Those sound like great places to visit! I honestly want to see Europe badly (mainly Ireland and Italy), but I’m with ya there, no way I’d be going alone. That’d be crazy. Would have to have someone as my hostage there with me, hahaha. I’m also loving the song! It’s beautiful.

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    1. I’d also love to visit London, but for different reasons, haha

      I guess I am quite comfortable in my tiny beautiful country 🙂

      The music is from a Norwegian band… Thank you for your comment… And good luck for your trip to become reality some day. 🙂

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