About last week…

My left wrist…
On my way home
Sitting, waiting. Four hours in the ER
First vinyl pressings of Neil Young in my collection
A reminder for everyone

As for my Spotify 2021:

Have a great weekend…


4 Replies to “About last week…”

  1. The Spotify playlist you included is filled with hip hop and rap songs that don’t seem at all like songs you’d like or listen to. But even more strange is that when I pressed play, the songs on my Spotify Top Songs of 2021 played, beginning with Two Feet’s ‘Fire’. WTF???

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    1. Haha, what? No, that’s not right indeed, because it is filled with progressive Rock. I noticed that it doesn’t work on the app or in mobile, but it worked fine on desktop mode. At least for me. Could I ask you to try that, please?

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      1. I was looking at it on desktop mode. I just checked it again, and now your proper playlist shows up, but when I click play, I still hear the songs on my playlist. Very odd.

        To be honest, I’ve had issues with my Spotify ever since I deactivated my Facebook account. I used to open Spotify with Facebook, and now my playlists do not even show up on my Weekly Top 30s when I look at those posts on my mobile device.


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