No updates?

How come that there are no updates? No music, no poetry? Nothing about life?

This is

Just a quick “I am okay” post.

I know I seem silent and readers are used to something different. But, do not worry about me. In spite of it all, I am very okay.

There is no poetry in me right now. Most poetry comes from a place of pain and hurt and there is nothing alike for me at the moment. At least not in a way that I feel inclined to share and write about it. (Family matters)

I will, however, share a Bandcamp link, because I think some of you might like this.

It’s mumbles jones’ new release, called angel. And I must say, I like it a lot. Maybe you do too. You can listen to the entire album for free on Bandcamp (the link above)

Lots of love


The Captain’s Christmas Quiz

It’s time for the first edition of the Captain’s Quiz 6: Our First Christmas Together.

Be warned, Santa is not a thing here in Luxembourg, and for a moment, I thought I’d skip this one. But after Paul tagged me on Twitter, it seemed rude. I gave it my best shot, be gentle with me. Fingers crossed I made it in time. Time zones, eh?!

Good luck to every participant, and happy holidays to everyone.

 To participate, answer the questions below in a blog post of your own and link it back to this post so I see it.
 There are no right or wrong answers; there are only answers. Feel free to provide as many, or as few details as you want, at your own peril.
 You will receive a score of 1, 3, or 5 points for your response to the 10 Questions. Your answers may unlock hidden bonus points, so answer wisely.
 There are 3 Bonus Questions. The scoring for them will be kept a secret until the final results are posted.
 You have until Noon on Thursday, December 23 to participate. The results will be posted next Friday.


  • Santa Claus is on a health kick this holiday season. Instead of milk and cookies, what snacks would you leave out for him?

Poor Santa. I’d leave oatmeal biscuits and a glass of soy milk.

  • Picture your 8-year-old self. You are home alone during the holidays, when burglars try to break in to your house. What do you do?

I think, I would use all my toys to make my home burglar proof. Also, I’d put glue and nails on the stairs, maybe throw an iron at one and make sure all the handles to all the doors are hot, so that they burn their hands. I would not be afraid.

  • Have you ever bought a gift for someone else that you wanted to keep for yourself? If so, what was it?

I did. It was a watch I gave my husband. He never wore it. Maybe I did.

  • Which would you rather build: a snowman or a snow fort? Explain your decision.

I would build a snowman. Where I am there is not a lot of snow, and a snowman in front of your home looks better than a fort.

  • It is your job to remind others to drive safely in treacherous winter conditions. Write a Public Service Announcement that will play on the radio this winter.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but by golly, ‘tis also the season of snow and ice; so unless you are Santa in a sleigh that flies, stay prudent on the street and you’ll arrive in time for every family feast.

  • There is a holiday party at your workplace and everyone must bring in one dish of food to share. What are you bringing?

My famous tomato/mozzarella salad and as a dessert, chocolate chip cookies

  • Someone got you a hippopotamus for Christmas because you insisted, “only a Hippopotamus will do”. How did they give it to you?

With a smile and a card stuck in the very obvious wrapping paper :“this is Gloria. A beautiful hippo girl. Take good care of her and be careful when she marks her territory.”

  • What advice would you give someone who isn’t good at wrapping presents?

Do your best. Everyone is more interested in what’s inside a wrap anyway.

  • In the movie, Home Alone, Kevin McCallister says, “Be sure to bundle up if you go outside. It’s a little nippy.” How do you stay warm when it’s cold?

Many layers of clothes, gloves, scarf and when it is very cold, a hat too.

  • Are you a Dasher or a Dancer? Why?

Depending on the mood, but mostly a Dancer, I’d say. I am not a leader and I am not fast.


  • Santa is about to put you on the naughty list this year. Convince him he’s making a mistake and that you were a good person in 2021.

Dear Santa, I know you think I have been naughty this year; but look at your list again. I did a lot of good too. I gave to charity, never lied, I was always kind and humble. Look into your beautiful heart and you will see the truth, dear Santa. I trust that in all your wisdom you see that my name on the naughty list was a mistake. Merry Christmas

  • There have been allegations that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was bullied by his fellow reindeer. The North Pole calls you in to give the reindeer a stern talking-to. What do you say?

Listen, reindeers. How would you feel if you were singled out and laughed at for being different? You are better than that. All of you have qualities and flaws. But only by working together you are the best team Santa ever had. If I catch you bullying one another again, you will face consequences. Are we clear?! Now go finish your chores.

  • On the television show, The OC, Seth Cohen created Chrismukkah as a way to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. Meanwhile, on Seinfeld, George Costanza’s family celebrates Festivus – a secular and non-commercial holiday – on December 23. Create your own alternate winter holiday and tell me all about it. What’s it called? What are the traditions? Who can celebrate?

Since I am not a festive person, I would celebrate on winter solstice (21st December) and call it “Winter’s night festivities”. We gather around at night, with good company, food and music. No presents. We will light up little fires in the garden and stay up until the sun goes up. The next day is solely for sleeping everything off. Everyone who is able to stay up all night can celebrate with us. Everyone is welcome.

Happy blog anniversary

Happy Blog anniversary. This very blog is 9 years old today. There were many changes over the years, but one thing always stayed the same. Me. I try to be authentic, honest, and genuine. I share things I like, ranging from poetry and short stories to pictures and scenes from my life; and of course, music. Lots of music. But I am not a critic and I don’t write reviews.

I am not hung up on stats but, every year around this time, I give a little insight into this place. So, here we go.

This year, there were a lot more comments on the blog than any other year. Partially, that had to do with a blog friend I made in summer – John. John was an amazing guy, but unfortunately, he decided to leave the blogging world a couple of months ago. He deleted his blog and there is nothing left of this friend, apart from memories and a couple of comments under posts. I miss that guy. He was great fun. Someone else who often comments on my posts is Jeff. Jeff writes an awesome music blog, with very knowledgeable reviews and really great taste in music too.

As for the posts, I shared almost 100 posts less than I did last year. Notably, I did not post every day, as I did in 2020. There are a couple of reasons for that, but I won’t go into details. In the end, it all comes down to one thing: I’ve grown and I am more mature, more conscious about what I share and how.

As for the visitors and views. See for yourself. As of today, there are 44% more views, 28% more views, and 35% more likes. I’d count that as a HUGE success, for someone as niche and hidden as me. I still don’t always tag my posts – I am not sure if doing so would change a lot, I am not in this for the fame anyway. I am doing it for myself. But, I am not going to lie: I love that you are there on this crazy journey with me.

In 2021, there were visitors from 80 different countries. The top 5 can be viewed in the picture above. Next year, I really want a visitor from Iceland, lol. Goals, right?!

The most viewed posts are the home page, obviously, followed by:

Goodbye, Anathema a post about a British band that split up and meant a lot to me. That post was written in 2020 and it is the most successful ever on this blog. It is laced with music and small hints about how it influenced me.

Unknown or deleted was a piece of fiction I really hated. And I got annoyed that it was viewed so often that I had to take it down. Does any of you experience the same?

Facts about me is just what it says. A ton of facts and truths about me, written at the beginning of the year. Take a look, but I cannot guarantee that those facts are still true. I am human, I change and evolve all the time.

Art a piece that I shared for Aaron’s weekly prompts.

Steal me a poem, because that’s what I do best.

All these words I wrote and will write mean something because you are reading them. What I intend and mean with a post might not be what you are getting out of it. And that’s okay. For me, this is part entertainment and part therapy. This blog is very important to me, and I am a lucky girl that so many of you took a moment out of your life to spend it with me. It matters. It means something.

Here’s to the next year of blogging. Happy Holidays to everyone. Remember, don’t be too shy to get in touch. I may appear stand-offish. But most often, I am not.

Lots of love from me to you,


I am there

Baby, can I hold you when the darkest thoughts overwhelm you at night? You don’t need to talk. Don’t say a thing. But baby, allow me to be there for you when you feel undeserving and sad.

I am there for you.

Your head in my lap, my hands massaging your scalp. Trust that I will pick up the pieces when you fall apart. Eyes closed, all you need to feel grounded is the comfort of my body’s heat.

I am there with you.

Baby, let me hold you. Let me love you for a little while, until the crying is done and until you are ready to push the clouds away and move on. But baby, remember: you don’t need to fight alone.

I am there.

Thursday Song

Thirsty Seconds to Mars – echelon

This song was on the 2002 debut album of this American band. The album was self-titled. Great debut, I must say. By the way, the singer and main songwriter is actor Jared Leto.


Wednesday Song

Weikie – raise our sunken ship

From the album with the same name (2012).

Weikie is a multi-instrumentalist, a creative mind and an extraordinary person. He is very clever, funny and gives great hugs, and great advice too. A special one who makes a special kind of music.


A moment can’t outdo the ever. Adam Weikert (Weikie)

Thank You!

Thank you. It is that time again; I want to thank you all for your support and for checking in more or less regularly. This blog is made of music and words. Often, the words are inspired by music and or by my thoughts and life. Thank you for being a part of this. ❤️

Merci. C’est l’heure de dire merci pour votre soutien et pour me rendre visite ici de temps en temps. Ce blog n’existe que pour la musique et les mots. Et souvent, ces mots sont inspirés par la musique, mes pensées et ma vie quotidienne. Merci d’être là. 💜

Danke. Es ist Mal wieder an der Zeit Danke für die Unterstützung und das mehr oder wenig stete Interesse zu sagen. Dieser Blog besteht aus Musik und Worten. Die Worte sind inspiriert von Musik, meinen Gedanken und meinem täglichen Leben. Danke dass ihr ein Teil davon seid. 💚

Merci. Et ass un der Zäit Merci fir d’Ennerstëtzung an den Interessi ze soën. Dëse Blog besteet aus Musëk an Wierder. An dacks sinn déi Wierder inspiréiert vun Musëk, mengen Gedanken an mengem daachdeeglejen Liewen. Merci dat dir en Deel dovun sidd. 🖤


I only speak these four languages fluently, but I want to thank everyone of you, no matter where you are from.

Tuesday Song

Michael Patrick Kelly – blurry eyes

From the album B.O.A.T.S. (2021)

This song grabbed me right unexpectedly in the feels. Beautiful lyrics.

Michael Patrick Kelly is quite known in Europe as part of the Kelly Family; back when he made music with his siblings, he used to be known as Paddy. When I was a teenage girl, most girls where in love with him. The entire celebrity thing became too much for the young man and he joined a monastery. But he comes from a musical family, it runs in his blood.

After several years he came back using his full name and becoming a successful solo artist.

Anyway… Beautiful song.


Back to work today, after 11 days at home. I am torn about it. Worried, actually.

Monday Song

Sivert Høyem – at our evening table

From the album “Endless Love” (2014)

Endless Love was this Norwegian’s fourth solo studio album. And it is awesome. But, I am biased. I love his voice.