This came to me a couple of moments ago. For a couple of days now, I have been thinking of giving up my online presence. (Closing Twitter and IG, even deleting the blog.)

Every thought ever shared is an old thought once it is written down, hence it loses its importance and its reason to be.


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  1. Although many thoughts stated by many people over the centuries live on. You must be feeling low, unimportant and/or under-appreciated to be thinking of giving up your online presence or blog. I sometimes feel the same, and also think about quitting it all, but then I realize I’d lose more than I’d gain. I already feel bad enough about quitting Facebook, as I no longer have a few of the connections I enjoyed on that platform, but I’ll remain steadfast about that particular decision. Please don’t give up your blog, as I for one do enjoy reading your posts and hearing the music you share.

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    1. That’s true too. But the thoughts that stayed were from big thinkers and not from little Cathy.
      I am not feeling particularly low. Maybe unimportant, yes. I don’t see the point in sharing much anymore. I am not that interesting anyway.
      I closed FB a while ago too,but I sometimes get the urge and want to log in. I caved once a couple of days ago but immediately restarted the process of deleting.

      I am hearing a lot of great Demos these days, unfortunately for every one else, I am not allowed to tell more. No name of the band or the upcoming album. As for the rest, I have been watching the Beatles documentary and am listening to lots of 60s music now.

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