I remember you

Today, I am remembering the man who came looking for me when I wanted to throw this entire writing thing away. Years before I even published my first book and put it on Amazon. His wit and honesty, but also his wisdom and his support made him my mentor.

I was a spoilt writer. On Wattpad, I published (unedited) a dozen novels back to back. And then, I was all out of words. And I fell into deep hole. During that time, I didn’t write much poetry yet and only few short stories. I was disillusioned with my own writing and deleted my account.

Robert came looking for me through Facebook. He asked, almost begged me to come back and write. And I did. I wrote up a storm and a lot more than ever saw the light of your screens passed my mentor’s trusting eyes. But as the world goes, cancer is a bitch, and took this man I owe so much way too soon. Last December he left our earth forever. He left a hole that can never be filled.

Today was Robert’s birthday.

Robert was a friend, a gentleman. He loved his family, and writing, and reading, and coffee and Batman, and his dog Blue. He had many stories to tell and some where shared on his blog. https://thealvarezchronicles.wordpress.com/

Until we meet again, my friend. Tonight, I have a drink for you.

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