Cathy style

I don’t have a style. I wear what I like. Unapologetically. I read what I want. I listen to the music I love, and I share the pictures I am comfortable with. Yesterday, I posted a picture of me with a bit of a rant text. I am sorry about that. I meant the words… I don’t understand why people look at me and see someone sensual or mysterious. I don’t see myself that way. I don’t see that person in the mirror. I see my flaws and the things inside no one sees.

I took yesterday’s post down again, but here is the picture… And another to go along.

So, there you go. Yesterday I wore fake leather pants, my boots, a silver very special ring and my watch. I hadn’t worn that ring in a long time, but I owned it for 22 years now. And well… That yellow watch… I love it. Since I mostly wear black, it always stands out.


Pearl Jam – alive. From their debut album “ten”. An absolute classic.

45 thoughts on “Cathy style

              1. Almost goodnight. I am very tired. Exhausted really.

                Sometimes I really want to know what others see in me, how they would describe me. Very mememememe.


              2. Ok…

                You’re an awesome person Cat. And I don’t mean for that to sound cliche. You really are. I’ve never got a friend so quick and so close on here before you. You’re talented. You care. You’re helpful. You don’t think so but you’re enough!

                Physically.. short thick brunette I can definitely tell why some guys have a thing for you. You’re more than you think! And it’s obvious because men have problems… stemming from your attractiveness.

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              3. Thank you John.
                I am glad we connected here and that you took a chance. And I am happy that you cannot stay away, because I missed this. Not the misunderstandings or the almost arguing, but the banter and the support we both offer freely and plentiful.

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              4. I thought I was talking to a very creative and talented probably 20 something year old American girl. I was wrong but not disappointed.

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              5. So wrong… But I am glad you were not disappointed. I would not want to be young again. I like being 38. And yes, I think it is quite clear that I am European. Maybe it’s cliché, but I think we are more open over here and less judgmental. But maybe that’s just me.

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              6. Got told today that I was aggravating 😂

                2 Indian woman kindly told me I was too weird for them.

                Most never say anything they just like the comment and move on.

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              7. I mean it’s not a fun post. Sex is an awkward topic. I get it. And yeah who wants to read about some guys porn addiction? But it’s what I’ve done it’s a part of my life. I hate it! It affected me.

                There’s few likes and comments. I know it’s not a great conversation piece.. but I thought a few would have been a little more supportive.

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              8. I understand what you are saying.
                As I mentioned in my comment: to understand addiction one has to be educated (informed) and empathetic. Both is not easy. My best friend is a recovering addict too, and to say that I underestimated the implications of it would be an understatement.

                I think, you post was well worded and well though out. You combined two parts of you – the addict that will never leave, no matter how hard you try, but also what saved you. In my book that post was very helpful. And I am very sure that in the future some random strangers will read it and learn a lesson from it, or feel understood. And that is a gift.

                Your support is there, and more will come.

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              9. The way I see it. I’m healed. I’m free from it. It just tries to fight it’s way back in. But I won’t let it return.
                As far as people’s reactions, you’re either a garrison soldier or a combat soldier. You’ll stay with me or run. I can only imagine what people would think if I posted about my pantyhose wearing days. I would actually like to. But it’ll be a while.

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              10. Your weirdness is understandable. At least to me. I’m sure there are deep layers of weird and all sorts of stuff… but I’m at the surface.

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