People are weird

Or maybe it is just me. Maybe I am the weird one.

The above describes me well enough, I think.

I was off work for an entire week. No… No sick leave. Just a week of holiday. (The next one will be in November). Tomorrow, I’ll be back at work.

My week was lazy and slow, I did not do much. I did not read, I wrote very little. I had very few online conversations, less than usual. But, the ones I had were important and helpful. I listened to lots of music, then again, not that much either. Shared some on IG again too.

Truth be told, I missed the blog. A lot. At the same time, I don’t know what I can share that matters. It seems, sharing about myself shines a bad light on me. Because… I tend to share when things are wrong. I rarely share when everything is hunky dory. And when I do, I share music. I love music more than anything.

That love for music attracts weird people. Music lovers and musicians alike. But… Anyway.

It was brought to my attention that I am a needy person. And I guess there is some truth in that.

So yes, people are weird. Maybe I am the weird one.

(yes, those are self-harm scars. And yes, I wear that jewellery on my wrist all the time. The bracelet with the leaves was given to me as a birthday present in 2018 and hasn’t left my wrist since – apart from the day of the surgery in March)

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