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When I sense that people are agitated and anxious, I remind them to breathe and to unclench their jaws. Some look at me as if I am stupid for even suggesting it.

We all know how to breathe; we are doing it all the time, but when we are in distress, our breathing gets shallow, and our body suggests we need more air to fill our lungs. We feel like suffocating during panic attacks or anxiety attacks. At worst, it ends with hyperventilation and the fear of dying. Remembering to breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth, helps to calm down. It gives us something to focus on when everything else is overwhelming.

When we are stressed, angry, nervous… we tend to put our teeth together, grinding our molars – clenching our jaw. Maybe it is to prevent us from saying something stupid, or from screaming. But, our entire body gets rigid like that. Our neck gets tense and our back too. Once again, breathing right becomes problematic because we prevent it physically. And it’s not good for our teeth. Loosening the jaw and the entire face muscles looses tension in our body too. And again, it helps to relax because blood flows easier through the bodies and oxygen levels get better again.

Observe those things in yourself, maybe it helps…

202 thoughts on “No title

              1. You are not. It’s not your fault that I have days when I am not well. And I did not have many of those days in recent months.
                Don’t go. Don’t leave if you have some time to chat.

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              2. Black is not a colour. 🤷‍♀️
                I need to try and catch some sleep now. My alarm will wake me up in 5 hours for work.

                Goodnight and thank you, John. I appreciate you more than you know.

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              3. John? I am not angry or put off or wanting you to leave. I was just tired yesterday,that is all and I forgot to get back to you. I simply forgot. After 12 hours at work, coming home and doing all the chores… I was just overwhelmed from the day and went to bed early

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              4. You normally say something.

                I just don’t want you to feel like you failed at this friendship or anything negative. You didn’t.

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              5. You would have either ignored me or talked. I took the spaghetti and tossed it. It stuck. I can’t get it off 😂🤣

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      1. I understand it’s different for you. Sex overall must be different where you’re from. On top of all this is that I’m very different. I battle this stuff. For me cleavage is basically boobs. And you know my pantyhose thing..

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  1. A woman’s heart is a fragile but awesome thing. And I don’t think you give yours to just anyone. I think you gave a little piece to me. And I’m honored. If I’m wrong, forgive me. Thank you for everything Catherine.

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      1. I know it’s not in a romantic way! I’m sorry if I confused you. I was meaning that we have a pretty special friendship. Nothing weird. Just good friends as we can be.

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              1. I like authentic stuff. I’m glad I’m not one of those who doesn’t like going outside the box… I want the cultural experience.

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              2. Yup. The most frustrating part is that when surgery was scheduled, there was only talk of doing work on the shoulder. And they did, but they discovered that something was wrong with my biceps and they fixed it. The shoulder is okay, pain-free, but the biceps… It’s a pain to get it back on track

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