Tuesday Song

Depeche Mode – wrong

Sounds of the Universe was released in 2009. It was the twelfth studio album of this British Band (and the 46th single they released in the UK)

I have been a fan of Depeche Mode for a long long time. My first ever CD I bought from my own money was from Depeche Mode in 1993. Awesome band. As a teenager, my bedroom was covered in posters of River Phoenix and a particularly large one from Dave Gahan (singer of Depeche Mode). Though… Most of my favourite DM songs are sung by Martin L. Gore. (Like somebody)

Before i begin a lengthy discourse, I will leave you with the song.


Lots of love from me to you. And remember, there is nothing wrong about you or with you. Be yourself. Love yourself, just the way you are.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Song

    1. Apparently,they release different singles in Europe/UK and US. One of my favorites “one caress” was never released as a single over here, but it was in the US. I guess it’s a decision made by the label… Still weird though.

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