Tuesday Song

Chris Rea – Let’s dance

The song is from the 1987 record called “Dancing with Strangers”. It was the ninth studio album this Brit released.

Chris Rea seems to be a right fighter, he survived pancreatic cancer and a stroke and still, he continues to release new music. (His latest release was in 2019)

I grew up with the music of Chris Rea; he was my mom’s favourite musician. A while ago, I received all her old vinyls. They made me discover Marillion, who I listen to all the time now, and also Chris Rea. I knew and still know many songs – I guess kids kind of soak these things up, even unconsciously.

The biggest difference between the live version of “Let’s Dance” and the studio version seems to be the pace of the famous guitar riff. Chris’s voice is like honey caramel in both.


I’ve been awake since 3:30 am. It is 8:15 pm now. Apparently, I am funny when I am sleep-deprived. I worked a ten-hour shift, and when I came home, the kids were waiting to tell me about their days and that we need to go shopping for school material soon. There was nothing done; not even the table was wiped from breakfast when I came home at 4:30 pm. I was not happy, but I decided to be calm about it. I am too tired to be anything but relax.

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