Sunday Song

Kelly Jones – maybe tomorrow

Kelly Jones is the singer of the Welsh band Stereophonics. A documentary about his struggles and the fact that he was about to lose his voice due to cysts on his vocal chords was filmed in 2019. All the while he played concerts and kept everything private so as not to threaten his career. The film by Ben Lowe was only shown in few British theaters. The concert that was recorded during this time was released as one of the most intimate live albums I ever heard: don’t let the devil take another day (2020)

It is filled with little anecdotes, funny ones, sad ones, and it retraces Kelly’s musical journey.

A must for everyone who enjoys Stereophonics and Kelly Jones’ voice.

I own every studio album of the Stereophonics and saw them live at least 5 times. And they were always awesome. It was a no-brainer to preorder this record last fall, and I was not disappointed. Kelly Jones really has an awesome voice.

Enjoy this slow version of this beautiful song.


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