Thursday Song

Michal Lapaj (feat. Mick Moss) – shattered memories

The above song is taken from Michal’s solo debut called “Are You There”, released in June 2021.

Michal Lapaj is the keyboarder for the Polish band Riverside. Their genre is rock and prog-rock mainly. The above song goes a bit in that direction with Mick Moss of Antimatter on vocals – everyone who follows this blog for the music knows that I am a fan of Mick’s voice and his music.

But don’t be fooled. There are ten tracks on “Are You There” and only three have vocals. This is a very awesome release; I have to say. I bought it blindly because of Mick and pieces he shared on Instagram, but wow… I was in for a lot more than I expected. Michal creates a unique ambience, melancholy and hopeful at once. Some songs almost feel claustrophobic to me, but I like emotive music. Electronic, ambient, instrumental, experimental, but not without rockier influences. The album is something else and highly underrated.

I try to hear your voice from afar

Shattered memories fade away

I don’t want to fight these ghosts anymore

Paulina Kimbar-Lapaj – shattered memories (sung by Mick Moss)

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