Wednesday Song

Douglas Dare – lungful

This song can be found on Douglas Dare’s debut EP – Seven Hours (2013), as well as on his debut album – Whelm (2014)

My signed EP

I saw Douglas live a couple of times and what can I say?! How can a young man be that talented? The first time I saw him was as support act for Olafur Arnalds (a neo-classical pianist), and Douglas stole the show for sure. His EP had just been released, and if I remember correctly, that particular tour was his first through Europe.

During intermission, I went to buy his EP, it was not cheap, but well worth the price. I remember how nervous the young British man was and that I put him at ease when he was unable to get the plastic wrap off the CD. It was cute. He complimented me on my ring (visible on the pic…) and we talked some, enough to know that he wrote his poems first and added music later.

I have been a fan ever since. The above song is still one of my favourite of his.

You need to hear the call
They wishing you to fall
Don’t let them see you fail

I will not let you fail
I will not let you fail
I will not let
You fail

Douglas Dare – Lungful

(I still wear the yellow watch from the pic. The necklace with the star broke and I am wearing another one now – still a talisman, still supposed to keep evil spirits away.)

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