Tuesday Song

The Cure – there is no if

The song is taken from the eleventh studio album of the British band “the Cure”, called Bloodflowers. It was released in February 2000.

The critics had mixed reviews for this one, mainly because the songs are nothing new. They are unmistakable “the Cure”. Personally, it is one of my favourite albums of them. I listened to it all the time. Apparently, Bloodflowers is Robert Smith’s favourite as well – he said so in an interview a couple of years ago.

It’s 2:30 am over here, and I can’t sleep. Various reasons are keeping me awake: pain, restlessness, overthinking… Maybe I had too much sugar tonight… I ate sweets. I rarely do that.

“If you die”, you said, “So do I”, you said

But it ends the day you see how it is

There is no always forever, just this, just this

Robert Smith – there is no if

See you when the sun goes up. xx

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