Monday Song

Madrugada – nobody loves you like I do

This song is fresh off the press, released on September 9th, 2021

Madrugada is a Norwegian band that was formed in 1993. Ever since they made music, but with the unexpected death of band member Robert Burås in 2007, they decided to complete their self-titled album Madrugada, go on a farewell tour, and then split. However, in 2018, the band announced via social media that they joined forces again, and soon after, they went on an extensive tour. Work on a new album began, and the above song is a result of the work.

Sivert Høyem’s vocals are flawless, as we are used with his solo project too. With Jon Lauvland Petterson, the original drummer is back too (he left in 2002). Frode Jacobsen is on the bass again. Officially, Robert Burås was not replaced, but there was a session musician involved, of course.

Madrugada is a bluesy kind of band with indie and alternative influences. Personally, I was introduced to their music on my wedding day. A plus one pushed a mixtape (actually, it was a CD) in my hand when he said his congratulations. Several Madrugada songs were on this CD, and I was almost immediately sold for this project. And Sivert’s voice – admittedly, one of my favourite voices in music today.

The above song is slow compared to older albums, and since we humans have to compare everything, this song reminded me faintly of Sade. 💜

Anyway… I decided to post less, and yet, here I am, sharing a song. But it is new, and I am pretty confident that you will appreciate it.

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