Saturday Song

Guns n’ Roses – sweet child o mine

This song can be found on the 1987 released album “Appetite for Destruction”. My favourite songs on this record are “Think about you” and “Rocket Queen”.

I had a big crush on Izzy Stradlin when I discovered music. Sadly, by that time, the best moments of this band were almost over and the band members battling their egos and various addictions didn’t help matters either. Anyway, while most girls had posters of Axl Rose, I had one of Izzy.

I came across the video of “Sweet Child o Mine” on an MTV 80s channel and… I enjoyed it. I thought, I’d share. And honestly, Axl Rose was something to look at with his tight pants and moves. Lol… That was shallow, but as always, honest.

74 thoughts on “Saturday Song

              1. I don’t really recommend him. I was saying that he wasn’t well known until much later. Comparing that to your writing.

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              2. It’s hard to explain. I mean, there is ambition or i would not share or publish. But I am not willing to put more effort in it because I don’t want to give it any more time than it already has.
                It sounds weird, I know.

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