I dreamed I fell into a well and all that was left of me was a deep longing sigh

A puddle of tears and wilted flowers covered my pale skin

I covered my eyes and cried.

Every thought was wasted on a caged mind that was never mine

The clock ticked away slowly and I kept forgetting how to swim

And I watched the sunrise.

I woke up, I made it through another night

And the morning light felt like a lover’s kiss.

There is only one way out.

16 thoughts on “untitled_20210811

        1. When did you ever bug me? Never! And that’s the only answer from my perspective. Breathe, John and smile.

          Little fun fact: I am wearing one of my favourite t-shirts. But, it has a spelling mistake. There is a huge bee in the middle and around it is says “ih a world where you can be anything, bee kind” 🤣
          But, since most people don’t read English or what is written on a t-shirt, no one ever noticed.

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