Happy Friday

I started my new job yesterday. Maybe it shows because I am not online a lot right now. I have to say, I like my new job. It’s nice. Lots to learn and lots of knowledge to share. So far, I mostly worked with one colleague. She is nice too. A bit older and she teaches me a lot about this job.

I work in a centre for pregnant teens and underage mothers. There are 7 teens and 6 kids between 5 days and 3 years right now. It’s interesting to get to know these women and their stories.

Tonight, I had my first late shift. 1:30pm to 9:30pm. I actually left work at a couple minutes before 10. And now I am hungry and tired. But I wanted to leave a message, to let you know that I still adore you.

Views are exploding these days. Thank you for that.

Thank you



Dank je


I appreciate all of you. Be vocal with me. Leave comments. I will reply in my usual charming way.

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday

    1. Yes, they are for me too. It will take a while to get to know how everything works, but it looks good, I think. I got a set of keys, unfortunately the only one that works is for the parking area. I got an account on the computer, but the main apps don’t work because I did not receive an email with my credentials yet… Minor stuff to work out. 🙂

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