Not about us

In the blink of an eye
It is not about us anymore.
it is about the curious minds
hiding behind glass walls;
Throwing invisible stones
To drown in rushing brooks.
We know where this is going
We have been there before.
I don’t want to see
Broken mirrors with cutting edges.
But here is blood on the sticky floor;
And it is not about us anymore!

The first idea is in the picture. Better version posted above.

(Scheduled post)

a moment of unconditional love

Sit with me on the couch and put your head on my lap. Breathe. There’s a movie playing on TV as I start massaging your scalp. Watch it. Just be. Your day was filled with dread and anxiety. But now you are here with me. And you are safe. Feel my fingers in your hair. I will always keep you safe in my arms and in my soul. Even when I get angry with you, I will keep your secrets safe in my heart. I feel the weight drop off your shoulder, and you take a deep breath. That’s right. You are relaxing underneath my fingertips. And when it seems as if the whole world is turning against you, I am here. Because I love you, and I will always take care of you.

My head hits the pillow and it whispers dreams into my ear until I fade from my conscious being and end in my fantasy lover’s arms.



Bonne nuit

Gute Nacht

Buona Notte

Gudd Nuecht.


“Don’t let the bedbugs bite you” is a phrase a British Twitter pal used to say to me. And every time he did, I slept badly. I wonder what happened to him… Tomorrow.

Monday Song

Kaleo – hey Gringo

From Kaleo’s third album: Surface Sounds (2021)

Great song from this Icelandic band. It put me in a good mood. Okay, I was already in a good mood. But it certainly added to it.

(current song playing: Born in the USA.)

Sleepless ’21

Your silence is too loud
It scares me.
I feel your sadness
In the dark.
The wind in the trees
Tells your story.
And I wait on clouds
To hear a whisper.
I cannot rest until
You are awake,
Next to me.

Dare to live.

Time is running out. The sandglass is emptying itself, but the time that slips through our fingers now can never be retrieved again.
We stand on the sidelines watching it happen. Listening to the paroles that have been ingrained in our souls, in our minds since we were helpless children.
I dare you to stand out and live your own life far away from the usual conventions. Far away from the judging looks of the self-proclaimed elite.
Who are they to tell me what should make me happy? And yet, we are all kept in line, silenced, living in invisible shackles.
I admire those who are free. Those who live. Those who are seen as misfits, dropouts, freaks, weirdos, punks, hippies…
I could never live that way, even if I wanted to. I’ve been brainwashed into living in shame. Hiding my true colors so that society keeps on loving me.
Since my earliest years, I tried to be a rebel. But I was only ever ridiculed. The latest target I make is playing at being a writer.
Ah, but it’s water under the bridge. At least that’s what I pretend. I am not fazed by their words. It’s a hopeless lie.
As time is running out and slips through my fingers, I understand that I am who I am and only I have the power to be me.
I live a life without regrets. I try too. I know that the past can’t change, but it shaped the person I am today. All of it.
I am not perfect, not flawless. I have qualities and I have quirks. Everyone has. Now I am working on becoming my friend again.
We should stop the self-sabotaging and the undiscerning following. If we can’t see things differently, we will grow old in our stink.
And we will wonder what life could have been if we had danced when we had the chance. What life would we have had if we had taken the time to live? (July 20st, 2015)

The Captain’s Quiz 3: The Escape Quiz

It’s time for a quiz, hosted by our favourite quiz master: Paul. Click this link to read the rules and join in on the fun. I participated in the first quiz and due to personal reasons skipped the second, but… here I am, on a sunny afternoon in July…

May I greet some people? *waving enthusiastically*? I want to greet everyone I know and everyone who is watching. *smiling shyly*

Let’s play.


1You and a stranger are stuck in an elevator for three hours. After how many minutes would you tell them your name?

After knowing that we are stuck and getting comfortable on the floor. “I’m Cathy. This will take a while” and then I would smile. (7.5 minutes)

2. You’re the first person to enter the movie theatre. Which seat do you choose and why?

One row behind the middle one, the seat off the left to the middle one. Because that’s where the sound is best.

3. If you were to navigate a giant maze with one celebrity, who would it be and why do you think you’d work well together?

Russell Brand. He is analytical and funny.

4. Eggs can be cooked in many different ways. Pick one and build a meal around it. What is included in that meal?

Fried eggs with spinach and mashed potatoes. Reminds me of my childhood.

5. Select the task you’d be able to complete the fastest and explain why:
A) Blow up (with your mouth) and tie 3 balloons
B) Pop 150 balloons with a thumbtack

A) because it’s really not that hard to do

6. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a talk show hosted by Jerry Seinfeld. Using the same format for the title (Ex. Poodles on Patios Getting Crumbs), what would be the name of your talk show?

Bloggers on Beds Getting Breakfast

7. Arthur is an animated educational television series for children. What are 5 television shows you watched as a child?

Knight Rider, A-Team, Murder She Wrote, Airwolf, Quincy. (I was not allowed to watch children’s TV!)

8. Pillows provide support and help keep our upper body aligned during sleep. What is the strangest place you’ve ever fallen asleep? Tell the story, if there is one.

In school during math. No story to tell, I was bored and didn’t understand a thing.

9. “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” is a song by the band, Tears for Fears. If you could be in charge of anything, what would it be?

I don’t want to be a charge. Too much responsibility and too many people who know better anyway.

10. Your closet is a portal to a new “location” (think: wardrobe to Narnia), where does it lead to? What do you see?

It leads to a castle in the clouds were music is playing, diversity is everywhere, and people are smiling because they feel peace. (I can’t see the evil witch, she is busy in the woods behind the dark clouds. It’s off limits, or so I am told by the locals.)


1. Please enter the correct 6-digit passcode to successfully escape this quiz.



I step through every door with a clear purpose and close it with the certainty that I move on from the past.

A glow shines in through my open windows, bathes my mind in warmth, and covers it in hope.

I feel every emotion intensely and react with kindness, empathy, and love toward others.

I take solace in the fact that after every sunset follows a sunrise. After the dark comes the light.

I am strong, even in my weakest moments. There is a reason to smile. To breathe. To be.

And I am.