How did I get there?

I drove into the unknown
Hiding under rainbow bridges
If I had known my destination
I would have… No! Never mind.
The wind kissing my feathers
Sent me farther and farther 
Away from myself.
The moon was burning 
And the sun felt cold
But I kept swimming on clouds.
Shadows hugged me like a blanket
And the rain caressed my naked skin
I should have given up, but I couldn’t.
In a river of silent gold, 
my stone heart melted.
The reflection changed
yet stayed the same.
A whirlwind of thoughts tried to trick me
Into running and hiding away
But I had arrived and reached the end
I was there; there where I belonged.
I breathed the free air and
listened to the thunderstorm.
In my own arms, I had found it;
The one thing that kept
slipping through my fingers
I found my mind’s elusive peace there.

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