Let me overthink this…

I am reading Jordan B Peterson’s second book “Beyond Order”. His first book was a recommendation years ago, but I couldn’t get through the read. Now, the new one is much easier to read (keeping in mind that I am not a native English speaker).

Moments ago, I read more about the author, finding out about his views on LGBTQ and parenting, and I have to say, I disagree with most he says. At the same time, the things he says about mental health resonate with me, a lot.

It feels like a dilemma.

Now I wonder, would I have even considered reading Peterson if I had known about these politics? I admit, I don’t deal with those things at all. I mean, I am not interested in those things too much. Usually.

I am member of a Discord channel, and I shared that I read that book. And a member left over this. There was no drama, no discussions that turned vile or anything. But that guy chose to leave, saying that he couldn’t be part of a place where politics and views like that would be appreciated. (And that statement made me dig more into Peterson)

And of course, I am overthinking now. And I am very sorry that a good person left a safe place because of a book I am reading.

So yeah… Let me overthink this…

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