Too late to jump off the rainbow

At the end of the world I was waiting for you. A gush of wind pushed me into a rainbow. I was falling. Too late to fly. Too late to cry. I fell through a song and woke up in your mind. A poem under your skin. A tattoo on your heart. I was locked inside. You never let me escape your silver tears again. Too late to fly. Too late to say goodbye.

Thank you

That’s it. That’s the post.

Thank you for being out there, for holding on, for popping in, for writing words that touch me. Thank you for the music, the encouragement, the smiles. Thank you for the fun, for the love. Thank you for everything. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I appreciate your presence in my life and on this blog. Your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed. And I am grateful; grateful that out of every thing you could do right now, you chose to take a couple of minutes to look at this quiet (not so much) and simple blog.

It matters. You matter.

Stay strong. Goodnight. 😘

Steal me!

I am still me
Every lost second
Stolen time.

I am still me
Thoughts in chains
Never denied.

I am still me
Sinking on clouds
Windless storm.

I am still me
Heart of stone
Unquiet mind.

I am still me
Darkness in a song
Memories long gone.

I am still me
Drowning inside
Leaving a trace.

I am still me
It all makes sense
I am mine.


Angels sitting on my chest

Forgetting to allow me to rest

I hear them singing out of tune

Telling me that I will meet them – soon.

I hide in the oncoming traffic

Disembodied. Soulless. Tragic?

Tears spill on thoughts I never had

I store them away in an overflowing bag.

Black clouds are frozen in place

If I keep going, I won’t leave a trace

My mind is sore from the voices inside

And still, there is no sleep in sight.

musing 2016

As soon as subjectively perceived perfection is achieved, it is not perfect enough anymore. It is not what we want anymore, and we strive for something else. Something different.
More. We need more.
Always more.
Paradise doesn’t exist as long as we can’t accept it when we see it.
True love stays a myth as long as we destroy every meaningful relationship with our need for more.

Wednesday Song

RPWL – unchain the earth

From the album “beyond man and time” (2012)

RPWL are a German progressive band that started as a Pink Floyd cover band in aw 1997. The influence is uncanny. The vocals are very close to David Gilmour’s and I like that quite a bit.

It took me a long while to get into this kind of music, but lately, I almost exclusively listen to prog rock and classical music. (And Glen Hansard…)

What do you think about “unchain the earth”?

If I would stay

Would you stay with me if you had to pay for my time?

I don’t know how we ended up here at the bottom of the lake

We were dragged along by wild waters and fantasy thoughts

Would you stay with me if we had to fly across the mountain?

My wings are featherless, flapping through the night

We hold on to each other’s skin and survive this mess

Would you stay with me if I gave you everything you need?

I breathe deeper in your arms

I live fiercely in your eyes

I am me when I am with you.

Would you stay with me if I gave myself to you for free?

I am in you

I am in you
Moving back and forth
There is no one else you need
I’ll give you everything
Look at the way we are
United at the core.

I am in you
Caressing your soul
There is no one else you need
I’ll give you anything
Returning every thought
Making you forget.

I am in you
Kissing old pain away
There is no one else you need
I’ll give you everything
Just show you the light inside,
I will never leave.

I am in you
Your hand in mine
There is no one else you need
I’ll give you anything;
Blow the darkness away
I will always be there.

I am in you
A fantasy that’s real
There is no one else you need
I’ll give you everything;
My kingdom in your palms
Always, former. I’m yours.

unumgÀnglich/inevitable (20200206)

Horizonte verglĂŒhen hinter unĂŒberwindbare Wellen die sich am grauen Firmament spiegeln. FurchtgetrĂ€nkt sind unsere verkĂŒmmerten Finger, sie umklammern das letzte verheißungsvolle Teilchen welches unser Ich zusammen hĂ€lt . Die Zukunft verweht mit jedem verzweifelt hervorgepreßten Atemstoß. Ungewissheit trĂŒbt unsere Sinne. Und dennoch schreiten wir weiter; knien nicht vor den Zungen der Vernunft. Das Hirn ist ĂŒberfĂŒllt mit Ware die wir weder wollen, noch brauchen; der Blick geht ins Leere. Farben verblassen. Die Völlerei hat uns krank gemacht. Und schlussendlich verschließen wir unsere nackten Augen und werden zu vergessenen Erinnerungen die irgendwann einmal in unbekannten TrĂ€nen ertranken.


Horizons glow behind insurmountable waves that are reflected in the gray sky.  Our stunted fingers are soaked with fear; they cling to the last promising particle that holds our ego together.  The future blows away with every breath that is desperately pressed out between our lips. Uncertainty tarnishes our senses.  And yet we keep going;  we don’t kneel before the tongues of reason. Our brains are overflowing with goods that we neither want nor need;  Empty gaze — colors fade.  Gluttony made us sick.  And finally, we close our naked eyes and turn into forgotten memories that are drowned in unknown tears.