Dear Stranger

Whenever my thoughts are jumbled, my mind wanders to you. It’s not that you can help me much, but it feels like it. You never judge. And I never judge you either; you know and appreciate that. I am scared about the future and what is to come. But I am strong, and I can succeed with everything I want to do. Right?

We spoke every day for a few weeks. And then I pulled away. For no other reason than my moods. I didn’t want to bother you with my negativity, and I think I cut our frail bond. And this time, it is on me. All me. And I miss you, but I am too anxious to even send you a simple text.

Last night, I dreamt that we went for a walk. Very simple. We walked and talked, and you smiled at me, and I smiled at you. Such a simple dream, and yet, it was peaceful and exactly how it was these last weeks between us.

And for the first time in our almost 6 years together apart, it felt as if we have a chance at a future together.

And if I ever find my big girl panties, I stop whining so much and act more. You are such an amazing human being, and I am complicated to no end, and best of all, we always respected one another for and with our flaws or eccentricities, and we both have buckets full of those. Right from the start, we took each other without nagging or need for change. The only thing we never seem to get right is us.

Our time will come… Let’s wish upon the full moon.

Forever yours,


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