Monday Song

Her Name is Calla – dead rift

Her Name is Calla was a British band. Their style was not easily labelled and their songs ranged from 20min long post-rock songs to more poppier songs.

The above song was taken from Her Name is Calla’s last studio album, “Animal Choir” (2018). With a dedicated fanbase all over Europe, the band is dearly missed by its fans. But solace can be taken by the fact that the members still make music and they split amicably at the height of their career. Her Name is Calla was not a full-time band, and it is what ultimately made them give up the project in favour of their families and day jobs. But T E Morris (vocals/guitar/keyboard) and Weikie (drummer/backing vocals/every instrument you can think of) are still out there, and I bet the other members of the band are too.

“Animal Choir” is a versatile album that I highly recommend. You will be in for a surprise or two.

Her Name is Calla – animal choir


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