Saturday Song

T E Morris – after the war ends

From the album “And You Were The Hunter” (2013). It turned out that it is not easiest to find T E Morris’ songs on the web. I wanted to share a different song at first from my Bandcamp collection, but it’s a hidden album, like most of Tom’s discography. It’s a shame, really, because there are so many beautiful gems hidden away from a bigger audience.

T E Morris is a very prolific musician who used to play with Her Name is Calla. His music is gentle, raw, and not for fragile minds. There are so many emotions in his songs that it is not seldom for me to be surprised by a wave of tears. T E Morris’ voice can be strong and confident and turns into something very frail just mere moments later. His lyrics are nothing short of poetry, and overall, he is just a very creative mind. He is also the man who brings magical hugs to Brussels and puts broken pieces back together without intent or knowing it.

As a musician, he caught my eye around the same time Our Ceasing Voice did. I saw an exchange of them on Twitter and decided to check this humble artist out. And I liked what I heard a lot. At that time, T E Morris played regular live streams, too, very good ones. He has a way to express himself with music that only few have. A very underrated artist, in my opinion.

T E Morris – and you were the hunter


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