It is a bit scary how fast things change. What preoccupied my mind last Monday and made my anxiety surge means nothing today. Fear that paralysed me last week is not scaring me now. People who meant everything last October are strangers now; men who professed their undying love silently went away. Friends are gone. New ones are being made.

What a difference a day makes…

I, for one, need to take a step back and stop over-thinking and over-analysing everything. The false expectations of what will happen are what makes me miserable so often. And honestly, I am rather happy and carefree than sad and breaking. It is just not as easy to live by these words than it seems.

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  1. I can empathize, as I tend to overthink and over-analyze a lot too, and like you, it often makes me miserable. I obsess over the numbers of views and likes my tweets and blog posts receive, and constantly compare mine to other’s blogs, which I realize is silly and meaningless. I feel resentment toward other bloggers when I read, like and even comment on their posts, but they rarely, if ever, return the favor. I cringe when artists reach out to me for reviews, as I’m tired and burnt out on writing them, yet don’t want to disappoint them by turning them down, and feel terribly guilty the rare times I do. I really want to take a long break from writing reviews and from social media, but am terrified that I’ll be forgotten.

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    1. In these social media times, we are all afraid to be forgotten, me too. But it feels very good to take a step back. I disabled notifications on all apps. That helps a lot to be less aware of them. At first, I checked the apps often, but after a while, it stopped. It helped me reduce my time on Twitter and on IG immensely.
      At the same time, I am posting the things I would have on IG now here on the blog. My reason for cutting back came when I realised that I don’t have any reach and no new followers at all. And also, with the realisation that I am doing IG wrong 🤣
      I wish I knew how to help you out. Maybe just try 2 weeks of not posting any reviews and not replying to any messages? You can read them, but don’t interact? And as I am writing this, I wonder if it is even feasible.

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