Thursday Song

MrSteJ – our duty to the party

MrSteJ is spoken in a manner that it sounds similar to saying Mr. DJ. MrSteJ.

Ste is a British musician who has been around in the DIY orbit for a while with many different projects. Most of his music can be labelled as ambient or post-rock, but don’t be fooled, MrSteJ is a knowledgeable musician and artist. He shares his discoveries about making and marketing music on his YouTube channel and is also on Twitch daily. Ste caught my attention with his project “Wired to Follow.” He is one of three artists I still support on Patreon. (There used to be a handful more…) And on top of it all, Ste is also the driving force behind the DIY community and Discord channel that I mention sometimes.

A great person with lots of musical knowledge, talented, creative, and a good sense of humour.

The above song is from MrSteJ’s most recent release: Victory Gin. (2020) The album is available as Cassette or as digital download. I got my hands on one of the limited cassette bundles, which came signed, numbered, and with a bookmark and a badge. (And a pack of Gummi Bears). The album is a musical journey that was inspired by George Orwell’s 1984. It is heavy and yet not. Everything just seems to fall into place, and it makes sense. It’s easy to listen to, but not so much so that it vanishes in the background and gets lost in everyday noises.

A beautiful, almost meditative album. I recommend you give it a try. ❤

MrSteJ – Victory Gin

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