One last for tonight…

They say, your vaccine is not complete until you posted about it on social media.

Here it is… I had my second jab last Friday. I did not have any major side effects after the first jab. My arm hurt for a couple of days, and I was tired. But the second shot – that knocked me off my feet. I got it on Friday evening, and when I got up the next day on Saturday, I had a fever, everything hurt, and I was so tired that I slept almost the entire day and night. I felt like death warmed over – twice. I don’t get sick very often, and I never get a fever; maybe that is why I felt so poorly. But, today, it was already much better. The only thing left was the fatigue.

I’ll see it from the positive side, my body worked with the vaccine.

So, yeah… I had both my shots… 💪

Another 7 weeks of sick leave. My shoulder feels better, not 100%, not even 80% but better.

Thank you for the attention.


Oh hey… Before I forget: be kind. Be gentle. The world is a hard place, don’t add to the constant negativity out there. ❤❤❤

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