Cotton Candy Dreams (202)

Everything slows down. Time and thought. I was waiting for this. For the moment, my mind finally floats to other realms and leaves everything behind. It’s almost silent in my mind. The voices that usually can’t stop their chatter are an inaudible blur. Far away. In a cotton land. I am relaxed. My face is relaxed. And I grin. It’s not a smile. It feels like a grin. It probably looks like a grimace. But, who cares?! I need someone to care. I just want to be left alone for a moment. This fucking pain is just too much. Why can’t I just fly away? I want to enter dreamland. A safe space in my mind. The place where everything is possible. The place where everything is love. The place where my fantasy can exist. I remember an image from a movie I just saw. I want to reach out my hand, palm up, lift it to the sky and catch eternity. I am tired. My tongue is heavy. I don’t want to die. I just want to lay down and rest until the pain-tsunami washed over me. Let me go. Please don’t let me go. Good stuff. Float on cotton candy dreams.

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