I wake up with empty hands.

Swinging from a pendulum,

I slide into an empty hole.

Breath again. Deeply. But I can’t.

You stole my breathing air.

I slip into monochrome dreams

Where only you can find me.

Friday Song

Sergei Polunin filmed by Anton Corbijn, dancing to Depeche Mode’s In Your Room

It’s not so much about the song, it is about the emotions this rockstar of ballet conveys and how beautifully Anton Corbijn captures them.

The song In Your Room was written by Martin Gore and appears on Depeche Mode’s 1993 album Songs of Faith and Devotion.

Long time readers probably know that it is the first album I bought from my own money and that I still love it.

Anton Corbijn caught my attention in my youth. I like the way he takes pictures, often black and white and he just seems to know how to capture the essence of his models.

As for Sergei Polunin; the first time I noticed him was when he danced to Hozier’s take me to church and again in the movie the Dancer (2016), a film that is about his struggles, his love for dance and his hate for it too. Very interesting one.

Have a great weekend.



My last thought of the day is always yours. I’m trying to think of something someone else, but I never succeed. Always you and the way your green eyes look deeply into my soul.


A mom had a bad day. She was in pain, and her established plans for the kids to help with household chores were ignored. She did everything on her own and in pain. She made dinner. Watched a movie with the kids and an episode of Alf, and while her older daughter chose to go to bed, her younger daughter needed more cuddles. And the young ten-year-old began talking about death and how hard it is to lose people. Mom had a couple of drinks with dinner and didn’t approve of the girl’s way of thinking. She reminded her daughter that every end is a beginning, and every bad thing that happens now is part of a journey and part of a bigger picture.
Everything happens for a reason; even the ugliest moments teach us lessons and help us evolve. And then mom said that the best thing that ever happened in her life was the birth of her three kids. Every kid came at exactly the right moment, and every kid made a better person out of mom, teaching her a lot about life, the world, and her purpose. The daughter listened with tears in her eyes, and mom got worried, telling her child that every emotion is always valid and should be felt, at least for a little while. Feeling is important. But the kid shook her head. “I am not sad,” she said. “I am just touched by your words.” And inside mom’s head, thoughts just exploded. She was overwhelmed with pride for her kids. “This is the best moment of my life,” the ten-year-old girl said and hugged her mom tightly. Mom was at a loss for words and close to tears herself. Everything was just very emotional and intense, but in such a good way. And mom knew when her daughter finally went to bed that they had just shared a life-altering moment. A positive moment where mom had shared some of her eccentricities with her youngest daughter, a young girl who needed to hear those words that moment, because: everything happens at exactly the right moment in time, even if we can’t see the whole picture yet.

It was the most intense parenting moment in recent times without feeling like parenting at all.


Matthew Ryan – maybe I’ll disappear (from the album “Hustle Up Starlings”, 2017)

Fatboy Slim – right here, right now (from the album “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby”, 1998)

Monday Song

Daniel Balthasar – somebody’s somebody

Daniel Balthasar is a Luxembourgish singer/songwriter. He has been active on the local music scene for quite a while, as a solo artist as well as a member of the band Blue Room (a band I shared a while back).

The above song is his latest release, available on Spotify, Apple music, and on YouTube.

Personally, I like the song a lot. I hope you do too.

Have a great week. xx

Stormy roads


Every road carries me to you. Through storms, across oceans, over mountains… My home is where you are. Are you there?

Nothing but the wind

There is no sound but the wind and the rain. There are no cars and no planes. No other people and no birds. Just the wind and the rain. And the silence of a Friday night during lockdown/curfew.

I step on the street and close my eyes. It is as if I was alone on this earth. I am alone in my mind. For once. And I smile. The rain on my skin feels good. The wind in my hair feels better. I fight the urge to stretch out my arms. I am a cliché as it is, standing in the rain with closed eyes and a smile.

But these small moments when there is only me, the rain and the wind, those are precious moments. They are moments when I am very aware of my being, and yet I also feel so very serene; peaceful.

Tonight’s clouds and a star or planet (20210521)

A week of daily songs

I rarely do things without a reason or motive. The same goes for the last week of songs I shared.

I shared the artists and bands, starting last Wednesday because they can all be linked. With the exception of MrSteJ. All the other artists worked together on this or that project or song. They are all connected.

Who knew?! Well, me, of course.

Can you find the links and connections?