AtoZ 2021 – Y

You know, I mentioned you twice during this challenge. You? Who is “you”? “You” is Jamie in this case. Jamie who fought leukemia, Jamie who was my best friend. Jamie passed away in 2015, newlywed and barely 33. Jamie who was accused of having catfished an entire community. Jamie, who was my best friend. Who found a way through all of my walls and barriers – easily. Was Jamie real? I don’t care. Some say he was a woman who pretended to be his cousin. I really do not care. Jamie was my confidante. I told him everything, and he shared a lot about himself too. Jamie was a young gay man from Manchester. He loved indie music and Kylie and Erasure and Adam Lambert, and Pink Floyd and Todd Rundgren, and the song I share below. I shared a Velvet Revolver song recently, I shared it with Jamie in mind too. How many times did we watch that clip and comment on Scott Weiland’s very low slung leather pants?! How many times did be send pics of Garrett Neff, because he was his idol?! Jamie was a male model too and he married his on-off relation – Rico, from Barcelona not even a year before he passed away. Jamie had a soundcloud account because he loved to share the music he loved, and he also published a book about his experience as a male model. Jamie was unique. He was talented. Had a beautiful soul. He was my friend. And fuck, I miss Jamie every day. And in the end, I don’t even care if Jamie was really his cousin or if Jamie was real. He was like a brother to me. I wish he were still here. Jamie died in July 2015. Too young to die old.

Young Guns – I want out

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