Delete & repeat

Picture of me

I tend to delete pictures off IG. Most importantly, when they are more private or if my face is on them. I post them, leave them up for a couple of hours and then I feel stupid that I thought I was important enough to share my private stuff.

I mentioned it before, but in some ways, it always feels different on here. And, let’s be honest, I am not sharing my face here all that much either.

Anyway… Here is the caption I wrote under the pic:

This is an adhesive capsulitis 5 weeks after an acromioplasty, biceps tendonesis, and subacromial decompression. All these beautiful words just mean that some bone was shaved away, my biceps was moved and reattached to a different place, and some room was made for the ligaments to move easier. And now I am in pain again because of a threatening frozen shoulder because my shoulder capsule is inflamed. As you can see, there is nothing to see from the outside apart from three tiny scars. Two on the front of the shoulder and one on the back.
The doctor prescribed eight more weeks to recovery and more physiotherapy.

And I feel like it is one of those days when a song from the past feels like a comforting blanket.

Moonlight and Citylight (or village lights…)
Taken tonight.

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