AtoZ 2021 – R

I write about the romantic remnants of our relationship, about the red roses and their thorns grazing my skin. Do you remember the reasons why we retreated in different directions? The rest of our lives as a couple was cut relatively short. But, rest assured, I’ll stay reasonable. I’ll remain silent. I read your writings on rivaling social media channels, and I try running away from the new you. But I can’t. I am restless without you. You are my rock, my room to breathe, my favourite record of them all. In retrospect, I don’t have any regrets or resentments. What we had was real and right. And yet, we can never redo what we carelessly turned into rubble and debris. And what remains at the end of the day are the memories, the colourful dreams, and the knowledge that nothing ever was as it seemed. Rented emotions on a river’s bank. We were trying to swim but drowning in responsibilities and realities.

Red Room Cinema – apsis III: we raise our eyes between walls of glass and steel

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