mom, you’re weird

I am reading “Dark Days” D.Randall Blythe’s memoirs. Randy Blythe is the vocalist of Lamb of God.

Ebook, because I didn’t want to wait for a postal delivery.

And while I am reading, I am listening to the band too.

My youngest daughter comes in (she’s 10) – I am in my bedroom and raises an eyebrow before telling me that she does not like that kind of music, and she thinks it is weird that I listen to this kind of noise. I just had to smile. It was as if she was mothering me, to top it off, she asked me to turn the noise down “can’t call it music”.

Now I am sitting here, on my bed, and turned to music up a notch, and I am laughing about the weirdness of the situation.

My mother listened to lots of music. Mostly Chris Rea. I had an uncle who liked Guns ‘N Roses when I was a kid. I thought he was too old for that kind of music. He was in his mid-20s, I am 38! I would have judged my parents too if they had listened to the sort of music I am listening to now. And I wonder which memories my kids will have. Will they tell their kids about all the loud music Nan used to listen? Will they remember fondly how many times they listened to Anathema’s “Weather Systems” or Pink Floyd’s “Division Bell” as kids? Will they even remember the metal and doom that is mainly listened to in hiding because I know that no one in my family likes this kind of music, and I torture them enough with my eclectic mix?

If you want to listen to my playlist, I urge you to go to Spotify and take a proper look. There are only 100 songs displayed in the link, but there are a couple more songs to explore. 🙂

I like that I am able to surprise people with bits and pieces of me.

Just me, soaking up the sun this morning

2 thoughts on “mom, you’re weird

    1. There must be around 1k songs in that playlist. I should begin to split it up, but I am not sure how.

      About hardcore and metalcore, I agree. Too much of it leaves me angry. But the right amount leaves me energised. 🙂


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