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Weird that tiny cuts like that can change a life. But yeah… It’s rather unspectacular to look at, almost disappointing 😂

So yes, the bandages came off today. The skin is still red and swollen, and the cut that opened a couple of times is a little wider and redder than the other two, but absolutely okay. I feel naked and fragile, but I am sure that I will be used to it by tomorrow.

I am happy to know that there is progress. But as my physio said today, I am making good progress but need to stay patient. Overdoing it could ruin every progress.

Stay calm and carry on. As you suspected, I will keep you in the loop.

Thank you for everything.

By the way, as of this week, the most viewed post on this blog is this one: https://wp.me/p2ZT5k-3Xt I am not entirely sure why, but it is okay. It is a passionate post with many great songs. xx

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