Is there a difference between

being approached on social media with the request to review your book – but only if you pay up


approaching blogs and offering money for a review?

I am asking because I am willing to pay for the service of getting my books reviewed, but I choose who I am asking for help and how much I am going to pay.

On the other hand, I hate being approached on social media (unasked), being asked if they can review my books (which I am requested to give them for free, of course) and then being asked to pay.

I mean, I know, it could be exposure and as an independent creator, I should not pass on such opportunities, but for the life of me, I really don’t like the audacity of such accounts.


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    1. That’s very lovely way to see it. I never asked anything for reviewing either. And I will not in the future. But if I wanted a professional review, I would approach blogs or people, and I would offer to pay. I just really don’t like the audacity of accounts offering a review but asking for money for something generic. Hello John, from Luxembourg. 🙂

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  1. There is a BIG difference, in my opinion. You asking someone to review your book, along with an offer of some kind of compensation, is perfectly acceptable and appropriate. (Only 3-4 artists have ever offered to pay me to review their music – which I’ve always declined – though several have gifted me with their music.) But for a ‘reviewer’ to make an unsolicited offer to review your book, while also asking for a free copy as well as payment for their review, is tacky. Just say no!

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    1. That’s what I do. As I said, I really don’t like being approached like that. But I had many of those messages on IG lately, and I was beginning to wonder if I was too proud to accept offers.

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  2. unsolicited reviews from strangers are usually just people taking your money and giving you little or nothing in return. There’s a company who scans Amazon for books self published, finds your phone number, then calls you to say that their researchers have picked your book out as noteworthy etc. Their angle is displaying your book in a display at a CONvention in Florida for a fat price. A quick search on this company shows that authors slam this company as a scam with little results. All unsolicited reviews from strangers end up in my trash can because the Net is riff with con-artists cashing in on suckers desperate to sell their book. Find your own reviewers and buyer beware of Greeks baring gifts!

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    1. Yes… I’m thinking the same. But since I had many messages offering reviews for books and money, I was beginning to think that I was wrong and just too proud in my thinking. I mean, there is a difference yet again between a professional paid review and a friendly comment on Amazon. But I am sure many people will pay either way and will have something generic in return.

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