Out TODAY! Happy release day for Out of the Dark and Into the Light. ❤

It is available on Amazon as paperback or ebook. Or, if you prefer a personalised and signed copy, drop a DM… I ship worldwide and take Paypal payments. ❤

Takk! Merci! Diolch! Dank Je! Thank You! Danke!

It’s release day and I have no idea how to advertise 🙈 Buy my books! 😘 Thank you.

8 thoughts on “TODAY

          1. Oh that’s exciting! Maybe I’ll be the first to give a review too! 😉 I’ll have to reblog your post so that other poets can find your lovely words.

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  1. Reblogged this on Her Writing Haven and commented:
    Come and buy Catherine’s book! I’m so excited to get a copy myself! ❤️


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