Flash #28

Every day in February, I shared a Flash. It was intended to be a piece of flash fiction every day, but it got a mind of its own. Challenges like this help me to stay consistent and focused. I am tired of social media but never tired of the blog. Let’s see what I can come up with for the month of March.

I care too much about this trivial thing, but I can’t deal with rejection, even less when I don’t understand the reason. It hurts.

Fuck them… Part of me wants to shout. The other part reminds me that there is a reason we got in touch – we were like-minded people, and I rarely feel a connection like this.

If this happened to someone else, I would tell them that people come into our lives when we need them, not when we want them. And they leave the same way too. Everything happens for a reason. But it is shallow talk, even to my own ears.

Happy last day of February. Tomorrow my latest book will hit the shelves and ebook readers…

3 thoughts on “Flash #28

  1. Well that’s awful, and I cannot blame you for feeling both hurt and angry, as I’d feel exactly the same. Sometimes there’s just no figuring certain people out. In my long life I’ve learned that we get to truly know only a handful of people that we can count on as real friends. So many that we think of as ‘friends’ are really nothing more than good acquaintances that enter our lives for a period, then fade away or disappear completely, and it’s especially painful when we thought there was a deeper connection than was actually the case.

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    1. Perhaps I am not friendship material. I know I am a bit weird sometimes. But yeah, angry and disappointed, that’s what I am. Even more because I see them visiting my IG account. Ah well… I spent too much time overthinking this.

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