Sunday morning song

This one was written this morning. The sun was shining through the window, and I was thinking about the past. Not dwelling on it, not missing it. Just remembering. It was nice—a serene moment.

I noticed that many people are negative these days. They are vile and feel like the victims. They are afraid someone is gossiping about them, and yet, they are doing the same. It happens online and in my daily life too. If people spent more time focussing on themselves and what they have instead of focussing on others and what they want, they would be more content.

Yesterday, I had a discussion about merch and art. I did not get the artist’s point; I did not understand it. The other party was trying to explain. And after some back and forth, I conceded that I misunderstood the artist’s intention. It was a discussion that was respectful and informative. And yet, I was worried that I had offended the other party and got in touch in the evening planning on apologising – if necessary. Obviously, I had not offended them, and that was due to the tone of the discussion.

I am confronted with so much negativity all the time that I noticed that I am walking on eggshells and always afraid to step on someone’s toes. It is exhausting. And it is surprising when someone is an adult about a discussion.

We could all do with some positive vibes these days.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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