Flash #11

Every day a new random thought. Should have stuck with daily music, but I wanted to try something new. How can someone become a friend and a stranger in not even two months? And the frustration is not about the person themselves, not really. It is just the fact that there was a platonic connection. We could be great friends. Many similarities and lots of mutual understanding. But that is not all; there is some sort of history. Hours of chats. Laughter but also seriousness. Am I at fault? Most probably, yes. Too much or too little? I am not sure which one. But now that there is no reciprocation of any kind of friendship, it messes with my head. I see them on Instagram, watch their posts and their stories. And I also like some of it. There is never a reaction from them. I feel like a stalker, and I wonder why – if they are not interested in friendship, why don’t they just unfollow me? I know why I don’t: I like them. They are fun and have great opinions. Maybe I am just holding on to something artificial. I don’t often feel connection. When I do, it is hard for me to let go. Someone who was once in my heart will always be there. Friends, lovers – it’s all the same. If I love you, I will always have your back. No matter what. 💜

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