Sunday Song

MrSteJ – our duty to the party

I am sharing the video this time because its simplicity is very deep and touching. The song is from an album called Victory Gin released in September 2020. The album was inspired by George Orwell’s 1984. Ste wrote a blog about the inspiration and the ideas for this release. Read here:

The more often I listen to this album, the more intense it gets. That’s something I really like, as not many projects have that ability.

Signed and numbered Cassette of Victory Gin (came with a badge, a bookmark, and a pack of Haribo)

MrSteJ is a musician from Liverpool who shares his knowledge about being a diy-musician on his YouTube channel. He is also on Patreon and manages a discord channel – the channel I mentioned before on numerous occasions. The first time I noticed MrSteJ was when someone shared his band Wired to Follow on Twitter, many years ago, probably around 2014 or so. I followed him, he followed me. Never a big deal. I became a Patreon a while later, something I never regretted. I believe firmly that we should support the art we like.


I suffered from a huge migraine this weekend. It started yesterday in the afternoon, and only now the headaches are easing up. I never felt so sick in my life. I did not have many migraines since I had acupuncture for it last February. But this one was – wow. Shivers, vomiting, headaches, tiredness, and very troubled sleep with vivid dreams. I did not eat since Saturday’s lunch and only drank a little tea. But, I am on the mend.

Goodnight, dear friends. Enjoy the music.

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