Tuesday Song 2

Duncan Reed – the circle grows

From the album that will be released for preorder on February 5th “the road part 1″. I got an early copy because I took part in a crowdfunding campaign for the album. I received it today. Very mellow and slow album. The song ‘the circle grows” is the one that caught me off guard on first listen.

I am listening to this as I am writing and yes, it still sounds like a solid release.

Read you tomorrow

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Song 2

  1. I should be finishing an album review I started 3 days ago, but I keep reading the unrelenting flow of new posts from blogs I follow…sigh. I listened to a couple of Duncan’s songs, and I like his music. Really lovely and soothing.

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    1. Hm… Should I hold off posting until your reviews are done? 🤔 No, sorry, I can’t. Duncan’s songs are great; his rock songs are even better than the slow ones. Matt Steady plays the fiddle on this album.
      Axel from Jaded Jane sent me a link to review songs and albums through submithub. But I am not eligible – the blog needs to double its followers.
      As always, I am looking forward to reading your reviews, but I also want you to take your time—no need to stress about it. xx

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      1. Of course not, you can post 20 new entries a day if that’s your choice. Some blogs I follow post 5, 10, or 15 posts a day!
        That’s wonderful that Matt Steady plays on Duncan’s album. Matt & I have followed each other for many years, though I’ve never yet reviewed or featured any of his music. No reason why, I just haven’t. Axel sent me the submithub link too, but I haven’t looked into it. Besides, I have far more submissions than I can possibly handle. Nearly every day, I consider throwing in the towel on my blog, as writing reviews often feels like such a burden. My blog is approaching 1000 followers, but only around 30 of them ever read or like any of my posts.

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        1. Your reviews are so worth it. They really are. But I can understand that they are a burden too.
          I want to say, though: I love that you pop by every day and share your thoughts about the music I share. I am very grateful for that. But with your workload, I also understand when you don’t check in. I just want you to be okay. 😚

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