Monday Song

Ezio – angel song

From the album “black boots on Latin feet” (1995)

This British band is something else. Whenever I am asked which band I’ve seen live the most, I easily answer “Stereophonics”. But that’s not true. I have seen Ezio a lot more often: 6 or 7 times. Half of the gigs were for free, and they were all memorable in that things Ezio Lunedei said on stage stayed inside jokes even years later.

Ezio is a duo from Birmingham, UK: Ezio Lunedei and Mark “Booga” Fowell. Most of their live gigs are acoustic sets with guitars – but they rock! A lot. They also have tour- and studio musicians, but the energy they spread live is so much better.

Ezio is fun to watch, engaging and joking with the audience, telling stories. It’s really always an extraordinary moment. Their songs are simple, with pleasant lyrics. There is nothing complicated – apart from the guitar playing skills.

It’s just nice and calm and chill.

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