Share your blog 2021

For the third year in a row, Paul is organising an event on his blog called “share your blog”. I’ll start with sharing where it’s all happening… Take a look. Paul is a very talented and interesting one.

Participating is easy:

  1. Introduce yourself in the comments section below
  2. Tell us the name of your blog and what you write about
  3. Share a link to your blog

You can do that here or on Paul’s site.

From personal experience, I can tell you that last year’s “share your blog” resulted in a surge of visitors. Some stayed and some only came by for the free drinks and food, but that’s okay. But as Paul points out in his post, it motivates to share some good content for the newbies on your page. At least it worked for me.

But, who am I? Well… I am an 37 year old woman, mother of three kids. I work part-time with babies and toddlers, and I am also a published author. I published four books so far: two poetry collections, one novel, and an anthology of short stories. Currently, I am struggling with on-going shoulder issues and constant pain, with a bit of luck it should be sorted this year. I said the same last year, but I am an optimistic pessimist. Most of my writing is romantic in a way and 90% is fiction. I am a right music nut and support talent in any genre, that’s why I share so much music on my blog. Hopefully you don’t know the songs and find new favourites. I can be a bit weird some times. I over-share which can be tiring, but it is a part of me. I believe in kindness and in gratitude. I am deeply empathetic which is not always easy for me, and I am quite impulsive too. (And I took a Myers-Briggs test, I am an INFP)

I invite you to come with me on this journey. Another extraordinary year is in front of us…

So, silent ones and outspoken ones, take a moment to share your blog with a comment here.

Dare to be seen!

Lots of love from your favourite Luxembourgish writer (and from me too!)

16 thoughts on “Share your blog 2021

  1. I’m Jeff, an old (60-something) gay man and a lifelong lover of music currently living near Palm Springs, in the Southern California desert 110 miles east of Los Angeles. My blog is called Eclectic Music Lover, and I write about all kinds of music, including reviews of new music by indie and unsigned artists who need a little press. I also share my lists of favorite songs, which few care about but I still like sharing. My blog can be found at

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    1. And if I add my two cents: your blog is one of the best there is. And I noticed it again when a musician posted a review of his music and it was only three sentences and they were exactly taken from what he sent out to the reviewers. It was quite obvious that the person had not even listened to the record she was reviewing.

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  2. Good stuff guys. Hey, I have a WordPress complaint. I am following you Catherine but I have never seen any of your posts in my email inbox. You’re not the only one. I HATE when this happens. I don’t understand why I (we) have this problem.


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    1. Hm, maybe you need to follow via mail? I think there is a button somewhere. On the other hand, maybe you don’t want mail notifications from me; I post a lot. Sometimes more than once daily. It will clog your inbox. Do you have a blog too?

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      1. Dude! I love getting my inbox clogged. Ugh, that sounded poor. Yeah, I think you’re right. The key is following twice. We need to follow and then follow by typing in our email address to get posts via email. I finally did that and was able to get your posts. Keep posting a ton, that’s fine. I will choose to get a daily or weekly email for yours. Thanks! I’m Reid at

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          1. Hey Cathy, I’m American, living in Chicago. My heritage is Dutch, thus the “Dutch Lion” nickname. I’ve never been to Netherlands, Luxembourgh, or Belgium but we have this restaurant in Milwaukee called Cafe BeNeLux which features food from the Lowlands.


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