Saturday Song

Nothing but Thieves – last orders

From the Graveyard Whistling EP (2014).

I have a huge playlist on Spotify with many, many songs. I also listen to the Mix playlists Spotify suggests once in a while. The above song was added to my list years ago. Last year, I began listening to Nothing but Thieves a bit more, but this song never came on. I completely ignored that this song is by the same band who made me dance and sing along to “Amsterdam” or “Sorry”. Needless to say that I felt quite silly when I noticed this yesterday.

And here is my Playlist: Cathy’s daily mix. 74 hours of music. Different genres and languages. To get an overview, I’d say sort the list by artist and take it from there. I usually listen on shuffle.

We get up every day and learn something new. Have a great one, everyone.

189 thoughts on “Saturday Song

    1. I like male voice that have something special, but I can not say exactly what it has to be – probably emotion. I don’t listen to many female artists, I am sure there are amazing ones out there, but there are too few to appeal to me at this moment.

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          1. Ok… I can feel your writing. You put yourself in your writing. I knew I felt you in your post about having sex with a guy. It was way more than fiction. You tell me you’re honest with me but you also say a lot is fiction.

            Just please tell me.

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              1. Ask what you want to ask. No worries.
                I met my husband when I was 16 and married him when I was 24. I am 38 now and never had another partner. But of course, I wondered how it would and could be.

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              1. I’m going through one of my moments. I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable.

                I don’t need to know every single thing about you.

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              1. You’re really trying to be nice. You either want me to feel good about myself or you don’t have much to say 😂

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              2. I am not trying to be nice. I am just me. Just Cathy. And yes, you are too hard on yourself and I want you to see that there is a lot in you that others see and that you possibly don’t know

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              3. Because I feel weird when I compliment another woman. I don’t want her thinking I’m trying anything. How can a man give an honest opinion and not feel like any boundaries are crossed?

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              4. That’s easy. I mean, we have established a friendship. And complimenting a friend is not weird. It’s a sign that you care. And we care about each other. In a platonic friendly way.

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              5. Not over analyze… just have some kind of understanding. You told me I just walked through your walls. I didn’t know I was. And I want even trying.

                Just thinking…

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              6. The thing is, you showed interest in the mundane and boring things and you did not hold back on questions. You don’t always believe me, but that’s okay. We both get out of our comfort zones for each other. And we are very different but very similar. You don’t try to convert me and I try not to be too spiritual around you. (I believe in dreams and compatibility through zodiac signs….)
                We are who we are. Simple. And lovely with all our quirks.

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              7. That was honest too.

                John, I like your mind a lot. You have a lot to teach and you are open to learn. You have an old soul; a beautiful soul. A picture is nice but it is not who we are. Who we are does not show on a picture.

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